Top 10 Halloween Costume Ideas for Your Little Ones

October 15, 2019

There’s no doubt that most people’s favorite thing about Halloween is the candy. Chocolate, nougat, gummy—no matter your preference, you’ll likely find lots of it just by trick or treating through the neighborhood, but the costume is equally important and even more fun when you’re a parent planning your little one’s perfect outfit. There are so many clever and adorable ways to dress up your baby or toddler for Halloween, and we’ve got 10 of the top Halloween costume ideas.

1. Scarecrow Costume

Celebrate both Halloween and fall with an adorable scarecrow costume. If you don’t have some already, shop at your local thrift or Goodwill store to find your child a pair of overalls and a flannel or plaid shirt. Cut up a separate shirt into squares for the patches and sew or hot-glue them onto the costume in a few different places. Use a straw hat or woman’s sun hat to top off the costume, and stuff bits of straw into all visible pockets.

2. Crayon Costume

Crayons never go out of style, and neither does a Halloween crayon costume. This one uses a birthday party hat (the cone-shaped ones), black felt, colored felt, and lots of glue—that’s all! Once you master your first crayon costume you can go on to make a different-colored one for each member of the family. So cute!

3. Ladybug Costume

There are a variety of ladybug costumes you can make, and some are more complicated than others. This one requires a bunch of craft items (cardboard, foam balls, elastic), lots of glitter, and both patience and expertise. This one is a bit easier to make—though you still need to be somewhat crafty—and is a good choice if you live in a cold climate. Both are simply adorable.

4. Baby Shark Costume

The “Baby Shark” song may have stopped trending, but this baby shark costume still hits all the right notes. Feel free to swap water bubbles for the “Doo Doo Doo”s. Note also that you can make this even if you don’t have phenomenal sewing skills. Simply start with a matching blue or gray sweatshirt and sweatpants set, and then add fins that you cut out of felt and sew on with simple hand stitches.

5. Wall Street/Monopoly Tycoon Costume

If you already have a baby- or toddler-sized suit and shirt in your closet from a wedding or other special occasion that the whole family attended, then you’ll likely love the chance to get more use out of it before your child outgrows it. An easy Halloween costume idea is to dress children up as a Wall Street “tycoon” in a suit, shirt and tie. Add a Monopoly spin on it by using a clearly marked “dollar symbol” (use a marker to draw it on or cut the symbol out of felt and glue it on) bag as their candy collection bag.

6. Free Kittens Costume

If you’ve got empty Amazon boxes piling up in the basement or garage, you’ll be thrilled to find a costume idea that uses at least one of them. This “free kittens” costume takes the traditional cat costume and adds a fun twist, and because your child can wear regular clothes and use plush cat toys that he or she already owns, the price of this costume is minimal.

7. Lego Costume

Legos are some of the most creative and imaginative toys your child will ever own. Extend that creativity into an easy-to-make Lego Halloween costume that uses—you guessed it—another one of those ubiquitous shipping boxes. Pick one that’s big enough to go over your child’s head, cut arm and head holes into it and remove the bottom flap. Then hot-glue six evenly spaced plastic fruit cup containers, or other similar small plastic bowls, onto the box on the front side. Allow to dry and then spray paint the whole costume one color. Your child can wear matching colored pants and a shirt or a contrasting color such as white, gray or black. Feeling extra creative? Add this Lego head Halloween treat bucket to the costume.

8. Mouse Costume

There are many ways to make a mouse costume, and the simplest is to take a gray hooded sweatshirt and add ears to it using cloth and felt. Cut an oval out of white cloth or felt and sew or glue it to the stomach of the hoodie. Add a matching pair of gray sweatpants and construct a tail out of an old tube sock (stuff it with cotton). On the other hand, you can use a headband with ears attached and make a more mouse-like tail using gray cloth and Poly-fil stuffing. Directions for both are here. Add a bit of whimsy by having your child hold a clock (Hickory Dickory Dock) or a chocolate-chip cookie (from the book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie).

9. Pirate Costume

A handmade pirate costume can be made from a variety of material and pieces of clothing. If you’ve waited until the last minute, you should be able to cobble one together out of rolled-up jeans, a white or white striped shirt, a red bandana to tie around your child’s head, a red bandanna to tie around his or her waist, and an eye patch. Burn a bit of cork to give him or her “stubble.” If you have accessories like a pretend play “hook,” a pirate’s hat, a vest or anything with the skull and crossbones design, be sure to include it.

10. Social Media App Costume

This idea is a favorite among preteens, but you can also use it for your baby and/or toddler. Dress him or her up as a social media app of your choosing—Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc.—simply by printing out a paper-size company icon and pinning it to his or her onesie or shirt. Alternatively, you can draw it onto a T-shirt. If you plan ahead, you can get a shirt and matching hat printed through an online site, as these teens did.

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